• Image of No Shade

No Shade: Tribute to Black Queer Joy
*48x48 Acrylic on canvas
*On display at Newfields Art Museum of Indianapolis

Here’s to those who sparked, lived, thrived in the NYC Ballroom culture since the 80s. Films like Paris is Burning, the struggles, the joy, all of the Houses created to provide safe spaces and a true since of “family”. A family to those who were kicked out of their own homes for being who they are. Here’s to the House mothers and fathers, the icons who raised the young ones through the AIDS pandemic to follow their dreams. Many who are successful to this day. Ballroom wasn’t just about vogueing, it was about LIVING! Here’s to those that didn’t make it due to hate crimes, AIDS and HIV. Your joy lives forever!!
* Image is inspired by the legend, Willie Ninja of The House of Ninja.